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If Love [4/?]
Title: If Love - [4/?]
Author: caramelorchoco
Pairing: Leeteuk/Taeyeon, Donghae/Jessica, Kyuhyun/OC, Sunny/Sungmin,
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I sadly do not own super junior or snsd. I do own the fictional plot.
Summary: An ongoing tale on the love life of various super junior members, learning about life and love each in their own way.

Author's note: Thanks so much for the comments! I really appreciate them. I just started college so the chapters to come may be a bit slow :( sorry but OMG YAY SUPERSHOW3 IN MALAYSIA BABY!!!

Chapter 4
Know that I cry when you tell me you love me

Leeteuk stood silently in front of Taeyeon, his hands resting on the sides of the table, forming a cage around her. He bent down to look into her eyes.

‘Don’t you like it?’ the question escaped his lips.

‘No, I do- it’s lovely, Jungsoo – it’s just that – how much…’ she trailed off. Leeteuk smiled and gave a small chuckle.

‘Yah, I don’t want to be the kind of boyfriend who lets his girl worry about money.’

‘Why not? I think I have a right to worry – ‘


Leeteuk took Taeyeon’s hands into his. She looked up at him. He had just dyed his hair blonde for the new album. It looked so good on him, it made him look younger, lighter. Taeyeon wasn’t even going to deny it, the man looked gorgeous.

‘Please. Don’t worry about the money.’

Taeyeon smiled and nodded. Leeteuk smiled back at her, revealing his dimple.

‘Now come on, lets have some cake!’ He took a knife and cut the cake into smaller portions, and dived into the cake with a large fork and licked the icing off it. ‘You know how hard it is to enjoy a simple birthday cake when you’re in Suju, every simple cake just gets smushed to your face!’

Taeyeon just stood there, watching the 27 year old enjoying his cake. It touched her how much effort Teuk had put into the whole affair. She never felt more appreciated by a boyfriend before. She took the necklace, eager to put it on.

‘Eh, there’s two here.’

‘Yeah, the other one’s for me. We can wear it when we’re travelling or not with each other,’ Leeteuk mumbled as he stuffed a piece of cake in his mouth. Taeyeon stood silently, her mouth dropping slightly a little.

She walked closer to Leeteuk and took a seat next to him.

Was he serious?

Matching jewelry? It’s so obvious, their fans would definitely notice. It’s too much of a coincidence, especially if they wear it everywhere they went. The crazy netizens would go crazy if they found out. The media would most definitely blow everything out of proportion.

It’s just too much of a risk. Taeyeon looked at him with the most confused look. He looked back at her, smiling, frosting smeared on his cheek. She smiled. It’s so typical of Leeteuk to ask his girlfriend to wear matching jewelry, even if she was a celebrity.

She thought it was nice to know that he had such confidence in the relationship to give her a matching necklace. It was, just nice to know.

‘I know you’re worried.’

Taeyeon looked at him as he said that.

‘What if our fans notice or if the papers find out?’ Taeyeon stayed quiet. ‘It’s okay, I’ve had those thoughts too.’

Leeteuk fixed his eyes on the cake, fiddling with the fork. He was afraid to see Taeyeon’s face then. Afraid to see the expression, to see an unconvinced look on her face, to see that she had doubts about their relationship.

Because he didn’t want to know that. He didn’t want her to doubt their relationship. He wanted her. He knew it was selfish, he was probably doing all of this for himself without even considering how she felt and thought but it was all just so right to him.

Everything with her seems so peaceful, everything just seem to fit right into place when he’s with her and he didn’t want to lose that. He couldn’t lose it.

‘It’s okay if you don’t wear it, I suppose,’ Leeteuk said in a low tone.

‘No! No, it’s okay,’ Taeyeon suddenly stood up and Leeteuk followed her. They were standing right in front of each other.

Taeyeon took a hold of his left hand, holding it closely to hers. He smiled and felt the warmth of her hands in his palms. This is how it should be.

‘I’ll wear it, and I’ll always remember of you when I wear it. I’ll wear it for you,’ Taeyeon promised. Leeteuk smiled, his heart bursting with happiness. He stepped in for a hug.

He held her tight in his arms. In his mind, he never really wanted to let go. In hers, she didn’t really want him to.

She kissed him, she could feel herself falling in love with him but she didn’t mind. She wanted to be his. She wanted to have him, even when she knew having him was the hardest thing she could do.

‘Saranghaeyo Jungsu’

Leeteuk quietly shed a tear.

If Love [3/?]
 [Already in sujuhet]

Title: If Love - [3/?] 
Author: caramelorchoco 
Pairing: Leeteuk/Taeyeon, Donghae/Jessica, Kyuhyun/OC, Sunny/Sungmin, 
Rating: PG 
Disclaimer: I sadly do not own super junior or snsd. I do own the fictional plot.
Summary: An ongoing tale on the love life of various super junior members, learning about life and love each in their own way. 
Author's note: The story in this chapter happens before the first chapter. Hope you guys will enjoy :D
Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 Sorry, sorry. It was me, firstly. 
‘Jungsu, I can’t take this.’ 
‘What do you mean, don’t you like it?’ Taeyeon kept quiet, holding the necklace in her hands. Leeteuk’s face that was smiling before, suddenly turned quite somber. His eyes darted away from looking into Taeyeon’s eyes. 
They were in an empty practice room. Leeteuk took some time the night before to look for an empty room in the SM building that was hidden from everyone’s sight to celebrate her birthday. He found one that was unused and set up a table and two chairs in the middle of the room. 
Leeteuk begged his stylist to help him buy a cake for him to share with Taeyeon. He couldn’t risk being caught buying cake in a bakery, especially when it was nowhere near any of his members’ birthdays. His stylist rolled her eyes and agreed, muttering ‘you better invite me to your wedding’ under her breath as she took the money from Leeteuk’s hands. 
He spent the night thinking of what to get her. He’d always wanted to give her some sort of jewelry. Any sort of jewelry, and he’d have one too, similar to hers, and they could wear it whenever they weren’t together. 
‘Yah, Jungsu, you’re so old fashioned’ he told himself. It was true, he wondered if matching jewelries were what the ‘kids’ did nowadays. He didn’t really know but he couldn’t really care less.
Leeteuk drove out of Seoul one Sunday to attend church with his mom. He felt an immense feeling of guilt throughout the ride to the church, burdened by it, feeling restless by it. Guilty for not visiting the church often, and not thinking about religion at all when he’s at work. Guilty for not seeing his mother often, not even picking up the phone to call her, expecting her to call in whenever she wanted to. 
He was a bad son, he thought to himself. He spent more time on his career and the band more than his family. He could never explain why he did so, he just felt so separated from them sometimes, he’d always been like that. As much as Leeteuk portrayed himself as an outgoing and loud person on the television, he wasn’t really like that off camera. In many ways, Leeteuk was quiet and reserved. It takes a lot for him to open up about anything. 
He just felt that there was still a barrier between his family and himself and it was that barrier that made him feel uneasy with them at times. He thought about this, about all of this and it made him feel sad. 
He was in church, his mother by his side. The rush of emotions in his head, and the thoughts in his mind about his family and his abandoned duties as a son was causing a storm inside Leeteuk. He was just wracked with guilt, and the sermon wasn’t doing him any good. It didn’t help either that his mother suddenly took his hands and held them close, smiling at her son and told him, ‘I’m very happy you decided to come today’ 
At the sound of those words, Leeteuk couldn’t take it anymore and lowered his head down and let the tears run down his face. He tightened the grip on his mother’s hands, a soft whisper of ‘mianhaeyo’ escaping his lips every other second. He walked his mother back to their house after the sermon. It was a silent walk, his mother was quite shocked at his public display earlier that day. 
Leeteuk’s mother looked at her son, noticing the frown he had on his face. He wanted to tell her everything, how sorry he was, how he often found himself so burdened with work he just wanted to leave everything and spend an entire day with her, how he was sorry he couldn’t give her a grandchild to keep her company, he wanted to beg on his knees for her to be patient with him, that he would sort out everything when the time was right. 
But for once in Leeteuk’s life, words failed him. 
‘Do you know any jewelry store nearby?’ he asked, keeping his apologies till later. His mother smiled and nodded. His mother took him to a small jewelry shop in the town. When she said small, she meant, extremely small. There was a collection of silver jewelry being displayed, a typical array of designs, nothing special. His mother pointed out a pair of matching necklaces shaped like hearts, and told him to get those. 
‘They’re very simple though,’ she said. ‘Do you think your girl would appreciate such simple jewelry?’
‘I think she’d be fine with it.’ 
‘Oh, so she’s not the high maintenance type is she?’ Leeteuk laughed at his curious mother. He didn’t tell her who his girlfriend was. ‘When are you going to tell me who she is?’ 
‘It’s too soon, umma.’ 
Leeteuk drove back to Seoul to catch a taping of Sukira. Eunhyuk seemed to be more talkative that day and Leeteuk gave him more chances to speak, he spent most of the time thinking about how to present the necklace to Taeyeon. He looked at the necklace under the DJ table, his fingers tracing the edges of the silver heart. 
He realized that he was not the best son a mother could have, but he wanted to make it up by being the best lover Taeyeon could ever have. 
He went back to the studio to set up Taeyeon's little birthday celebration in the practice room. He tried to spell out her name on the cake his stylist brought in that day with some icing but gave up and wrote a message on a card which he stuck onto the cake. 
He brought Taeyeon into the dark practice room with her eyes closed. Taeyeon smiled as she saw the light from the candles on the cake.
After she took a bite from the cake, Leeteuk reached into his pocket and took out the necklace, placing it in the palm of her hands. Taeyeon’s wide smile slowly faded away once she realized what she was actually holding. 
She looked up at Leeteuk. 
‘Jungsu, I can’t take this.’

If Love [2/?]
[Already posted this on sujuhet but wanted it on my entries :) ]

Title: If Love
Author: caramelorchoco
Pairing: Leeteuk/Taeyeon, Donghae/Jessica, others coming soon.
Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Super Junior and SNSD. I do own the fictional plot.
Summary: Donghae remembers his younger days that were filled with happiness.. and her
[Chapter 2 focuses on HaeSica, I gave Taeteuk a rest, but not for long :P]
Chapter 2 
The Memories Are Beautiful 
Leeteuk got back to the dorm in the early dawn. He quietly sneaked into his room, hoping not to wake up his roommate, Donghae. He placed his bag on his bed and crashed onto it, releasing a sigh of relief.<lj-cut
‘You’re early.’
Donghae sat up on his bed. Leeteuk smirked.
‘Yah, sorry, did I wake you up?’ Donghae gave a chuckle and smiled to his hyung.
‘Nah, I was already awake. Couldn’t really sleep last night. Went to the studio to practice,’ Donghae looked at Leeteuk who was smiling widely, staring into space. ‘I guess you had a better night than me.’
‘Such a great-
He paused and gave Donghae a thumbs up.
‘-great night.’
Donghae shook his head and hit Leeteuk with his pillow. He took off his shirt and reached for the towel. He hit Leeteuk again, urging him to wake up.
‘Come on, hyung, we’ve got practice for tomorrow’s performance!’
Leeteuk groaned, smiling. His mind was still on the night before. It was still on Taeyeon.
‘I love her, Donghae.’
Donghae’s gave a small smile. He sighed.
‘I know you do, hyung,’ Donghae looked away from Leeteuk and walked towards the bathroom. 
‘I know you do.’
Donghae turned on the shower and let out a small gasp as the warm water hit his chest. He smiled thinking about how giddy Leeteuk was. He tried to remember when he had felt such happiness too. It took him quite a while, but Donghae finally remembered a day he spent with Jessica before she debuted. He came back to the dorm with the widest grin on his face. The grin never left his face the entire night, even when Heechul yelled at him after having one of his tantrums.
Donghae was suddenly reminded of her.
Jessica. Jessica Jung. 
‘Jessica. Jessica Jung.’
‘Donghae. Lee Donghae.’ 
A younger teenage Jessica smiled back at him. 
‘Its nice to meet you, Donghae,’ she bowed and walked away. Donghae ran after her and stopped her in her tracks.
‘Wait. We just met and you’re already leaving?’ Donghae smiled. ‘Do I look like a bad guy or something?’
Jessica shook her head furiously.
‘Ah, aniya. It’s just that, I’m quite new here- I just moved-
‘Just moved? From where?’
‘America? Wow, that’s so cool man!’ said Donghae, using the only English words he knew. Jessica laughed.
‘Are those the only words you know?’ 
‘Well then, teach me,’ Donghae said as he watched Jessica laugh. ‘Teach me, Jessica.’
Jessica ceased her laughter when she heard him calling her name. It sounded different coming from him, with his thick Mokpo accent. It sounded… sweet.
Donghae and Jessica continued to become good friends after that day. They spent most of their time together. She stayed in Seoul on weekdays, however, whilst he was in Mokpo. They stayed in contact through the phone and on the Internet then. 
For a whole year, Donghae would find himself rushing out of school to go to the nearby Internet café. He spent a good hour there replying to all of Jessica’s messages before coming back home in good spirits. 
‘Yah, where were you this time, Donghae?’ his mother would ask him. 
‘Where else would he be? He’s been going to the internet café to chat with that trainee girl from the company, what’s her name-
‘Jessica, her name is Jessica,’ Donghae would clarify. His father would roll his eyes. 
‘Just make sure this girlfriend of yours doesn’t distract you from your practice in Seoul,’ his dad would say.
‘Ah, Appa! She’s not my girlfriend! We’re just friends!’
‘Okay, okay then. Go and wash, help your mother prepare dinner.’
Donghae walked up the stairs to his room. He was still thinking about what his dad had said. Jessica was not his girlfriend, but why did he feel like she was? 
She was the only girl who made him so happy. She was there for him through out their practice sessions in SM. He turned to her for any problems. He turned to her when he needed a good laugh. 
Eh, why isn’t she my girlfriend again?
A few days later, Donghae took the train to Seoul for the weekend to practice. He met up with Jessica after a training session for lunch. He took her to the park where they had sushi that they just bought from the nearby stall. 
‘Ah, I always find myself missing you during weekdays,’ Jessica complained. ‘I guess I’ll have to miss you even more when you debut soon. It sounds so exciting, debuting with your 11 members. Make sure you don’t forget me, don’t stop calling me- yah Lee Donghae, are you paying attention?’
She gave him a nudge on the shoulder. They were sitting on a bench at the park. Donghae was still in deep thought. He was thinking of how he was going to ask her. 
How he was going to ask her to be his.
How do you do things like this? He had never had to ask such a question. He was too preoccupied with training all throughout high school to even have girlfriends. He knew how it went, you asked the girl, you date the girl, bring her flowers, chocolates, you’d kiss her, you’d hold hands and that was probably it…. He thought. 
But to actually do it, takes a lot of guts, he thought to himself. He didn’t know how he was going to do this with Jessica who has had a few boyfriends before. Maybe he should forget this. Maybe he should just give her up –
‘Hmm?’ He looked up and saw her staring at him with the most confused look on her face. Her eyes were blinking at him. He looked closely at her face. 
Donghae never really thought about it but she was the most darling thing he had ever seen. Her pretty face, that soft, brown hair. She was perfect to him. His heart began to beat faster. He’d never felt anything like this before. He could not contain it anymore.
Donghae reached in closer and kissed her lips. It was a soft brush of their lips, nothing much. 
He thought, maybe to her, it was not much of a kiss compared to what she’s had with other guys.
Maybe in a few years, she’d forget this kiss.
But it was his first kiss and he will always remember that soft stroke of lips crashing onto each other.
He broke away from the kiss. He looked at her to see whether he would be rejected. Jessica looked pretty shocked. He opened his mouth to apologize but was stopped from doing so as she placed a finger on his lips. She gave him the sweetest smile.
‘What took you so long?’
Donghae smiled thinking about the first kiss. He touched his lips, trying to remember what it felt like, that first time. 
Jessica. If he ever had the chance to live a life as another person, not as mega superstar Lee Donghae, if ever he had the opportunity.
He would do anything and everything to make her, his. 
But he was the superstar, he was Lee Donghae of Super Junior and he knew, by the end of his shower, and he reminded himself again, that there was never going to be future with Jessica

If Love.... Chapter 1
Fandom: Super Junior, SNSD
Title: If Love
Pairing/Characters: Leeteuk/Taeyeon, Donghae/Jessica, Sungmin/Sunny, Suju members/OC
Rating: PG15
Disclaimer: I do not own SuperJunior or SNSD. I do take ownership of the fictional plot.
Summary: An ongoing collection of the lovelife of various members, each with their own tale to tell.

[First time writing a suju fanfic, been kinda bored of studying all the time, so this is what happens when i'm bored :P. Taeteuk chapter first, just cuz I SHIP THEM SO HARD. Next chapter will come......soon]

Chapter 1
Date Night Late At Night

He was tired.

He could feel himself drifting into thin air sometimes, before snapping out of it before the start of a broadcast.

He could feel his entire weight succumbing to gravity’s hands sometimes, before Eunhyuk quickly grabs his shoulders, reminding him of the next gag sketch they had to do next.

He wasn’t very sure if it was depression but there were a lot of things in his mind nowadays. The album, the concerts, the members… the members. Leeteuk still had a hard time believing where they were now, after so many years of being together, his team would be somewhat divided. It was different now, all of them could feel it. They could say whatever they wanted to say on television, that everything was okay, that the members were alright, the truth was it really wasn’t.

It still gave Leeteuk a glimmer of hope, that after everything that had happened, the members still loved each other. He could see it in their eyes, see the way Sungmin would ask once in a while how Kangin was doing in the army, see how Donghae kept pestering the manager for Kibum’s schedule, see the way Kyuhyun would slip in messages to Hankyung through Ryeowook. After everything, they were still friends.

‘What are you thinking so deeply about?’

Leeteuk broke way from his gaze and realized where he was. He was in a room, but it wasn’t his room. He looked around and realized it was a hotel room, he was in a small hotel in the city of Seoul, close to where he was filming his latest show. He was on the bed, wearing only a white shirt and a pair of boxers.

He felt a warm embrace from behind him. The gentle hands that held him tight, softly stroked his chest.

‘Jungsu-ah, what are you thinking about?’
‘Hmmm? Oh, its nothing… nothing. I was just thinking about some stuff,’ Leeteuk replied, a smile forming on his face as his eyes met with hers.
‘You’re such a bad liar,’ she smiled.
‘I’d like to think that I’m very much an accomplished liar, thank you very much,’ he took her hands in his and hugged her tighter.
‘Well, you’re hopeless at lying to me,’ she let go of his hands and laid down on the bed, her feet pinching his waist. ‘Yah, tell me what’s wrong.’

She pinched him more when he replied that there was nothing wrong. She giggled as he held her feet together.
‘Come on, tell me.’
Leeteuk looked at her and she could see his smile fading.
‘Taeyeon-ah….’ He inhaled deeply. ‘I can’t keep telling you about all of my problems. You’d blow up pretty soon if I did so.’

‘Yah, Park Jungsu! You’ve been listening to my problems all day long, it isn’t fair if I don’t know any of yours, where’s the equality in this relationship. Come on, tell me what you’re thinking,’ Taeyeon stared at him for quite some time before accepting the fact that he didn’t want to share stories now.

‘Fine, be that way,’ Taeyeon scowled and got under the sheets. From under the covers, she yelled a muffled, ‘I never liked you anyway, you know that?’
Leeteuk smiled and climbed under the covers, and positioned himself in front of her. She could feel his warm breath on her face but she kept her eyes closed and her arms crossed.
‘I’m sorry.’ She didn’t reply. ‘Tae, I said I’m sorry.’

She felt his hands untangling her crossed arms and placing it on his neck. She still kept her eyes closed.

She felt his warm hands holding her by the waist, stroking her silk nightgown gently to the rhythm of their heartbeats. She still kept her eyes closed.

She felt his hot breath on her ear as he slowly went to whisper a silent confession,
She smiled and replied in her heart, but still kept her eyes closed.

Leeteuk was slightly amazed at how stubborn his girlfriend really was and chuckled to himself.
‘You’re really something aren’t you, Kim Taeyeon.’
‘You know it,’ she replied, her eyes still closed. He gave a small chuckle and went closer to her face.

The next sensation she felt wasn’t of his hands against her waist or his whispers against her ear but of his lips gently stroking against hers. Taeyeon was slightly taken aback by the kiss, but didn’t think twice of kissing him back. He had his eyes closed now, and Taeyeon finally opened hers. Her hands that were on his neck went through his hair, toying with it and she smiled slightly at the thought of how it was probably the most important thing to him after her and his members.
Leeteuk kissed her harder and held her closer, never wanting to let go. Taeyeon did the same thing, placing her leg on him and slowly hugging him tightly in her arms.

They had been going through this same routine for quite a while.
They were both too busy to see each other during the day, so they decided to see each other during the night, even if that meant less hours of sleeping (they were already getting less sleep than they should, what difference would it make?)
They would send text messages to each other, discussing where to meet after work and then meeting up at midnight for a late dinner and a stroll through the deserted city, where the possibility of running into a reporter or crazed fangirl/boy was a slim chance.
It had been going on for 9 months.
The members knew and they were happy for the two leaders. Kangin would joke, however, once in a while, when Leeteuk would talk about Taeyeon, with a pout on his face,
‘What about Kangteuk? What happened to US?’
, causing a roar of laughter from the other members.

Leeteuk was worried if someone as young as Taeyeon wouldn’t be thrilled with the thought of dating only at night but she was obviously much more matured than he’d thought her to be. She was happy with the arrangement and came every night with a smile on her face.
After the stroll, Leeteuk would send her back home using the giant black van the companies had lent him and he would continue on with his schedule for the following day. Often times, however, they would head to a hotel room and spend the night together. It was never always about sex though, to be honest, most of the times, they were just too exhausted for sex anyway.

They just needed to be in each other’s company that night.
Taeyeon just needed him to whisper sweet nothings into her ear as she slowly drifted into deep sleep.
Leeteuk just needed to feel of her hands against his hair, telling him that everything was going to be okay and occasionally slip in a lame joke that would totally ruin the whole mood; just the way he likes it.

Taeyeon broke away from the kiss, and looked into Leeteuk’s eyes. Leeteuk smiled as he stared lovingly into her deep brown eyes. He loved the way her eyes were, the way they just curved into her cute nose and how they seemed to sparkle even when she was tired.

‘What shall we do tomorrow night, Leader Leeteuk-shi?’
‘I don’t know, all I know is I want to be with you tomorrow night, wherever we may be.’
Taeyeon poked his dimple and replied,
‘You’re so cheesy for a man of your age, its sickening.’
Leeteuk smiled widely. ‘ Oh but you love it.’
Taeyeon rolled her eyes. Deep inside, however, her heart was bursting with happiness and she wished they could stay like this forever, even though she knew, the tough times for both of them would eventually come.

[ D: how is it? tell me what you guys think]

been thinking
i've just listened to hangeng's new track, say no. dude got me thinking.

honestly, k-pop is a crazy thing it just makes you so freakin obsessed. obsessed, yet still very happy. there's something these idols that just entertai us so much and its hard for us to realize, but we often lose track of who these people really are.

: / i think super junior's just lost a bit of themselves lately. they've just been a bit..... quiet lately. not in terms of promotion. heck, have u seen them on those shows. but they've been a bit quiet, its like they've been thinking things through lately. 

i think, they deserve a break. honestly, they really deserve it. i think all the members should just get in a car and then take an entire trip around south korea and the get back and get on a plane and go wherever they wanna go. just freakin anywhere, new york, london, egypt, paris, FREAKIN EVERYWHERe, ALL EXPENSES PAID BY SM.

GODDAMMIT SM, these boys have done SO BLOODY much for this company. 

and when they get back, leeteuk would go into the army, they would go on with subgroups. GOD PLEASE GIVE KRY THEIR OWN ALBUM. and each member takes a break once in a while. 

thing is, these boys have established a solid foundation in where they are in this industry. they can do whatever they want if they want to. and i think they should. they shouldnt find themselves restricted to do things because of the fans or the company. why cant they have their own dreams being fulfilled n at the same time, be a part of suju. its actually possible, i dont care whatever anybody says, if everybody would just take a CHILL PILL and just think about it, it is actually possible.

i just hope they themselves realize this.

and i hope the fans realize that they need to take step back for these guys to enjoy life for a while and just savor the moments they have because right now, everything just going so fast for them to even grasp what is going on.

so everybody, just relax (stop making up vids n forums discussing how theyre gonna breakup, omg they lost to taeyang twice n its like the end of the world????)

whatever it is, support them and support thei dreams (which might not be what you think they are)

:) i got ur back suju, the question is, really, does the rest of your fans do?

ugh god

just realized that there's only 4 months to spm T.T


dammit 10 A+ DAMMIT. been looking at result slips thru out the year. tbh, chemistry's the one to beat. out of everything, it had to be chemistry that i am screwing up in. :/ generally not really interested in the subject.

i miss last year, where i had more time

i miss time

ugh T.T god why am i being so bloody emo
gotta listen to suju


OMG SHINEE :D i want the new songs, they sound good. saw the teaser :D :D :D onew's hair D: D: D: taemin :D :D :D

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hello livejournal

joined in to give my alia and alya some company

:/ i have exams now 

but i'll be going to us the day after that :D

that is all